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Instant Discounts

AAA Members receive instant discounts at over 75,000 partner locations nationwide on dining, fuel, shopping, travel, entertainment, electronics, and much more!

Start Saving

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Earn AAA Dollars

AAA Dollars is a free loyalty program where members can earn AAA Dollars shopping thru AAA and participating partners. Members can earn AAA Dollars buying attraction tickets, merchant gift cards, and shopping thru the AAA Dollars Online Mall. The AAA Dollars you earn can be redeemed for cash back.

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AAA Discounts Alerts

Let the AAA deals find you. Add the AAA Discounts extension to receive AAA deal alerts when you shop online. Available on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari, including iOS mobile devices.

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Save up to 30% on Summer Travel

Enjoy member savings on everything under the sun - including concerts and local attractions, hotels and luggage, gas and auto parts, airport parking, new outfits and much more. With so many offers it’s easy to turn up the fun on all your summer travel!

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Switch to T-Mobile & Get Up To $200 Reward + Excl

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AAA Gift Card Center

Earn up to 5% Cash Back at a AAA Branch

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AAA Tickets - Concerts

Save over 50% + earn 2% cash back

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Get up to 20.8% cash back

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50% off lenses

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LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Exclusive Member Savings- tickets from $59.05 plus tax and earn 2% Cash Back

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Get 2.6% cash back

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Save 15% Off Online Purchases At

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Shop Our Limited Time Offers! Redeem Them Soon!

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AAA Travel Promotions

Save up to 30%

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Abt Electronics

Save Up To $1500 On Eligible Bosch Kitchen Appliances thru

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50-70% OFF EVERYTHING thru

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AAA | Discounts & Rewards (23)

Up To 40% Off Men's Swim thru

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Save 35% Off 1st Dry Cat Food Autoship With Code DRYCAT thru

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Crocs Club: 40% Off All Jibbitz Purchases thru

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Online Savings with DIRECTV

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Get 25% Off Your First Order When You Spend $15+ Using Code US25OFF2Q24 thru

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Finish Line

Mid-Year Sale Up To 50% Off thru

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Hobby Lobby

40% Off July 4th Sale - Hobby Lobby® thru

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July 4th Sales Event

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Save $200 On Dyson Outsize Plus Cordless Vacuum With 6 Tools thru

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Up To 40% Off Select Craftsman (Tool, Tool Chest & More!). Offer Ends 7/10/24 thru

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Mattress Firm

July 4th Sale | Save Up To $700 + Free Adjustable Base, On Select Mattresses, Up To A $499 Value thru

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The Home Depot

Up To $1000 Off Select Whirlpool Kitchen Appliances thru

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Free 11oz ceramic mug

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Looking to save on wireless?

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The Parking Spot

Save 20%

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The Parking Spot

Two Free Days

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The UPS Store

Save 20% off

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Vacation Deals

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Carnival Cruise Line

Save Up to $75 Onboard credit + More!

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Princess Cruises

Only at AAA! Up to $150 onboard credit & more

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Royal Caribbean

Up to $100 onboard credit and more when you book With AAA

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AAA | Discounts & Rewards (43)

Oceania Cruises

Exclusive member benefits with Oceania Cruises & AAA

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AAA | Discounts & Rewards (44)

Norwegian Cruise Line

Up to $100 Onboard Credit

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AAA | Discounts & Rewards (45)

Pleasant Holidays

AAA Member benefit: up to $100 savings

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Download the Free AAA Mobile® App

This powerful tool puts your membership at your fingertips. View your membership card or request roadside assistance with one tap. Plus, you can see nearby discounts, get directions, check gas prices and more.

Download the app

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Join AAA

There’s more to AAA Membership than may you know. Enjoy access to thousands of discounts, deals and rewards from travel to everyday purchases as well asroadside peace of mind with 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

Join AAA Today

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Plan Your Travel With Ease

Whether you are flying, cruising or planning just a weekend getaway, AAA Travel will be there for all your travel needs. Plus, get exclusive benefits, added perks and savings when you book with AAA Travel and the protection for your trip.

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AAA Car Insurance

Protect your ride and the people inside. We’ll work together to create a policy that helps meet your unique insurance needs and ensures you have all the discounts you qualify for.

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AAA Cashback Signature® Visa Card

Take advantage of cash back wherever you go with a credit card designed to help AAA Members get even more from their membership.

Apply Now

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Get Free Identity Theft Protection

Your personal information is at risk daily. Protect it with free Essential coverage from ProtectMyID® (a $49 value), and get credit monitoring, lost wallet protection & more.

AAA | Discounts & Rewards (2024)


Does Walmart give AAA discounts? ›

Make the most of every month with AAA Member discounts for Shell, Target, Walmart, local restaurants and much more. Most people know AAA for always-reliable roadside assistance, but that's just the beginning.

How do I use my AAA Rewards? ›

To redeem the rewards for your AAA Rewards Credit Card, you can log in to your online account or you can call customer service at (800) 305-1219. It's also possible to redeem your cash rewards in person at your local AAA club, as long as they're participating in the rewards program.

How do I redeem my AAA dollars? ›

The AAA Dollars you earn can be redeemed in the following ways:
  1. Apply towards your Annual Membership Renewal.
  2. Cash Back.
  3. Merchant Gift Cards purchased at your local AAA office.
  4. AAA Gift Membership.
  5. Add an Associate Member.
  6. Upgrade Your Membership (Plus, Premier, RV, etc.)

Do you get a discount with budget for AAA? ›

Save 10% with your AAA Membership

*Must present AAA membership card at time of rental. AAA members receive a 10% off discount when they rent with Budget Rent A Car.

What do you get free with the Walmart Plus membership? ›

Walmart+ Benefits

Benefits include: Free shipping with no order minimum. Free delivery from your store. Savings on fuel.

What is the best AAA membership to buy? ›

AAA Premium Membership: Our Premier membership offers our highest level of coverage. It's perfect for those who frequently drive long distances or are looking for a comprehensive package of roadside and travel assistance benefits.

Do AAA reward points expire? ›

Points expire five years after the month they were earned. Travel Reward redemptions start at 2,500 Points.

How much are AAA reward points worth? ›

AAA points are worth 1.01 cents each, on average. For example, 10,000 AAA points have a dollar value of roughly $101. As a result, AAA points are worth about the same as than the average car company's rewards points, which are valued at 1.02 cent each.

How do I cash out my reward points? ›

Choose to how to redeem your cash back

Many card issuers will allow you to redeem your cash back with a statement credit, a direct deposit to your bank account or a check payable to you. Some issuers also offer redemption options like gift cards, tickets to concerts and sporting events or even charitable donations.

What is the AAA credit card perk? ›

AAA Daily Advantage Visa Signature® Credit Card

5% cash back on grocery store purchases. 3% cash back on gas and electric vehicle-charging stations, wholesale clubs, streaming services, pharmacy, and purchases at AAA. 1% cash back on all other purchases. No annual fee and no foreign transaction fees.

What bank does AAA credit card use? ›

AAA Travel Advantage Visa Signature® Credit Card or AAA Daily Advantage Visa Signature® Credit Card Accounts are issued by Comenity Capital Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

What does AAA discount mean? ›

As a AAA member, you can earn automatic savings when you shop with any of our more than 100,000 discount partners. Thanks to our AAA Discount & Rewards program, you don't have to wait for bargains, wrestle crowds, or clip coupons anymore.

Is booking with AAA worth it? ›

While you could spend hours scouring the Internet, reading questionable reviews and looking for deals, a AAA Travel Agent's hard-won relationships could be benefitting you. Studies have shown working with a travel agent saves travelers over three hours of time spent planning per trip.

What happened to Dollar Rent a Car? ›

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, the former holding company of Dollar Car Rental and Thrifty Car Rental, was acquired by The Hertz Corporation in 2012.

Does budget honor aARP discount? ›

Member Benefit Savings

As an AARP member your benefits already include up to $30 in savings when renting from Budget. Just add your AARP member number when booking to take full advantage of this offer and your AARP Member Benefits.

What store discounts do Walmart employees get? ›

As a Walmart associate, you get a 10 percent discount on regularly priced general merchandise and fresh produce when you use your Walmart Associate Discount Card at any Walmart store in the United States. You can also get the same discount on select merchandise on

Does Walmart have a member discount? ›

Walmart+ members also get a ton of freebies. If you're interested in more discount options, there are a couple of ways to join Walmart+ for $49 or 50% off the regular price — no promo code necessary.

Does Walmart run promotions? ›

Walmart offers 5 types of promotions. Same as Clearance, but with a Reduced badge on the Item page instead. Displays the price on the checkout page only.

What does a Walmart membership entitle you to? ›

As a Walmart+ member, you'll enjoy benefits including free delivery from your store, member prices on fuel at select stations, and use of mobile scan & go, which enables you to scan items as you shop in-store, streamlining your checkout process. We're working on adding even more great perks, too!

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