Every Canceled Netflix Show in 2024 (2024)

A few shows have been canceled this year already and we've discovered a few more that won't be returning too.

Every Canceled Netflix Show in 2024 (1)

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It’s time to spool up this year’s article covering all the Netflix shows that have been canceled. This list covers all the shows that were cut short, and unlike most outlets, we won’t be including shows ending with their upcoming season.

2023 was a big year for cancelations on Netflix, with some big shows facing the chop. According to our estimates of all shows that premiered in 2023 that could get additional seasons, around a third of titles were renewed, a third are still pending, and a third were canceled.

As a recap, here are some of the shows that were announced to be canceled last year:

  • In From the Cold
  • K-Drama cancellations: A Time Called You, Celebrity, The Days, First Love, Glitch, Mask Girl, The Sound of Magic
  • Invisible City
  • Shadow and Bone
  • Agent Elvis
  • Captain Fall
  • Farzar
  • Glamorous
  • Wellmania
  • Losers
  • Hard Cell
  • Snowflake Mountain
  • Welcome to Eden
  • Sky High: The Series
  • In Love All Over Again
  • Lockwood & Co.

As mentioned, many shows will end in 2024 or 2025. That includes Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, Sweet Tooth, and plenty of others. We don’t consider them cancellationsbecause they’re concluding with planned endings.

Note: Cancelations are listed in order of cancelation (newest to oldest).

K-Drama Series Turned to Limited Series

We’re going to caveat this one from the offset. These aren’t cancellations in the traditional sense but more confirmations that these shows were designed or are now considered one-and-done, even if their stories allowed for more in the future. The announcements came via the Engagement Reports, which relabeled these titles.

  • Business Proposal
  • Café Minamdang
  • Crash Landing on You
  • Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
  • Mine
  • My Liberation Notes
  • Our Blues
  • Siren: Survive the Island
  • Something in the Rain
  • The King’s Affection
  • Thirty-Nine
  • Tomorrow
  • The 8 Show (This was outside of the Engagement Report)

Everything Now

Every Canceled Netflix Show in 2024 (3)

Picture: Netflix

Despite some development on a new season of Everything Now, it was revealed in an interview with a cast member that the British series, headlined by Sophie Wilde, would not be returning for any future installments.


Every Canceled Netflix Show in 2024 (4)

Picture: Netflix

It was a long time coming but back in late March 2024, we heard that the book had been closed on the German series Barbarians with no plans to return for a third season.

That Girl Lay Lay

Every Canceled Netflix Show in 2024 (5)

Picture: Netflix

Much like Erin & Aaron, That Girls Lay Lay was one of two major Nickelodeon live-action kids shows that Netflix had a vested interest in. It carried the title globally and everywhere outside of the US carried it as a Netflix Original title.

However, like Erin & Aaron, the writing was on the wall for this title in late 2023 when filming did not restart on a supersized second season and members of the cast confirmed in March 2024 that the show would not be returning for any third season.

The Brothers Sun

Every Canceled Netflix Show in 2024 (6)

Picture: Netflix

An ambitious new action series debuted in early 2024 but ultimately is one of the first major casualties of the 2024 slate getting canceled around a month following its debut.

Why was The Brothers Sun canceled so early? Viewership was the reason, although Michelle Yeoh wasn’t looped in on discussions regarding its performance. As we’ve documented, season 1 had a pretty lackluster debut, and despite growing in viewing hours in week 2, viewership quickly faded away.


Every Canceled Netflix Show in 2024 (7)

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Netflix picked up the Ryan Murphy-created series Ratched for two seasons, and the first season made waves when it dropped in 2020. Despite that, however, Sarah Paulson confirmed in early February 2024 that the show wouldn’t be coming back.

The implication from this is also that The Politician, which did get its second season on Netflix, has also been quietly canceled and won’t be returning for a season 3.

Erin & Aaron

Every Canceled Netflix Show in 2024 (8)

Picture: Nickelodeon

This cancelation falls more on Nickelodeon’s shoulders than Netflix’s but the streamer does serve as the international distributor for the title so we’re going to include it.

The shortlived musical live-action Nickelodeon kids series is part of a shrinking library of titles as many distributors ditch the genre. In early February, the show’s main male star, Jensen Gering, confirmed the title would not be returning in a heartfelt message.


Every Canceled Netflix Show in 2024 (9)

Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Undoubtedly, the biggest cancelation of 2024 thus far has been Obliterated. Although the show could’ve easily passed itself off as a limited series, that wasn’t the case here, with plans for more. However, after relatively disappointing viewership, the show was announced to be canceled on February 1st.

Shows We Discovered To Have Been Canceled From Previous Years

In addition to the shows above, we’ve also found information about some other older Netflix shows that have been quietly canceled behind the scenes.

These cancelations include:

  • Black Summer – The fantastic zombie drama series from The Asylum looks to have been quietly axed and won’t be returning for a season 3, with one of the people behind the show telling fans that it won’t be returning.
  • Connected – The science docuseries won’t be returning for a second season as confirmed by the show’s host multiple times over the past year.
  • Oddballs – Like many Netflix Original animation series, Oddballs was given an upfront order, and now that those episode counts have been fulfilled, the show won’t be returning. One of the people behind the show announced the cancelation in a livestream last year.
  • Tribes of Europa – Another show we got closure on via the creators on Twitter was the German sci-fi series Tribes of Europa, which will not be returning for a season 2.

What show are you still waiting to get renewed at Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

Every Canceled Netflix Show in 2024 (2024)
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