Judge Jaimie Goodman Procedures (2024)

1. AD Divisional Instructions | 15th Circuit

  • Judge Goodman usually conducts trials on Mondays through Fridays; however, cases may be called to trial before an alternate judge or on a 24-48 hours' notice.

  • Uniform Motion Calendar ("UMC") hearings are held remotely on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30 A.M. and are set on the Online Services. Scheduling is solely between the parties. Please do not call the Judicial Assistant to schedule or cancel a UMC hearing. When scheduling or cancelling a UMC hearing, please go to the Court's online services/ scheduling system to reserve the hearing on the Court's UMC docket, and to remove the hearing if cancelling the hearing on the Court's UMC docket.


  • Jan 3, 2022 · 1. SCHEDULING A HEARING. The procedures set forth below must be followed in order to schedule hearings on Judge. Goodman's calendar:.

3. Jaimie Goodman - 15th Circuit

  • Jaimie Goodman ; Assignment: Circuit Civil ; Division: AD ; Courtroom: 9B ; Phone:(561) 355-1523 ; Room number: 9.1204.

4. [PDF] judge james j. goodman's procedures

  • May 20, 2021 · Judge Goodman generally allots one (1) hour for temporary hearings. D. Note that Judge Goodman will open his calendar ninety (90) days in ...

5. [PDF] magistrate judge goodman's discovery procedures order

  • The following discovery procedures apply to all civil cases in which discovery is referred to United States Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman and where Judge.

6. [PDF] Judge Jaimie Goodman - Palm Beach County Bar Association

7. Abrasive or constructive? Voters get final say on Judge Goodman

  • Oct 9, 2020 · When Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jaimie Goodman decided to run for a second term, he knew he would be hounded by allegations that he ...

  • Defenders say Jaimie Goodman is hard on attorneys for their own good; detractors say he goes too far and becomes nasty.

8. Judge Jaimie Goodman Faces A Challenge From Adam Myron

  • Sep 11, 2020 · Jaimie Goodman — As a circuit court judge for the past five-and-a-half years, Goodman has presided over numerous jury trials and thousands of ...

  • It’s fairly unusual for a sitting judge to be challenged, but Judge Jaimie Goodman drew two challengers in his bid for a second term in the Group 30 seat on the bench of the 15th Judicial Circuit in Palm Beach County. The primary election was a three-way race between Goodman and attorneys Adam Myron and […]

9. Proclamations - Riviera Beach, Florida (FL)

  • Process & Procedures. Forms & Downloads. Community ... 15th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COURT VOLUNTEER JUDGES. Administrative Judge: Debra Moses Stephens; Judge Jaimie ...

  • Government > Departments & Services > All Listings > Civil Drug Court > Home > Proclamations > Proclamations

10. Jaimie Goodman - Ballotpedia

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  • Ballotpedia: The Encyclopedia of American Politics

11. [PDF] 15thCircuit11-101.pdf - Florida Courts

  • ... judge shall assign judges to the courts and divisions, and shall determine ... Jaimie Goodman. Cheryl Caracuzzo. Catherine Brunson. Temporarily Closed. CIRCUIT ...

12. Process & Procedures - Riviera Beach, Florida (FL)

  • 15th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COURT VOLUNTEER JUDGES. Administrative Judge: Debra Moses Stephens; Judge Jaimie Goodman; Judge Cymonie Rowe; Judge G. Joseph Curley, Jr.

  • Government > Departments & Services > All Listings > Civil Drug Court > Home > Process & Procedures > Process & Procedures

13. [PDF] b1daily business review - PUBLIC NOTICES & THE COURTS

  • Judge Jaimie Goodman. 9B. Maria Vasil Collins. 355-1523. AE. 9.1215. Judge Bradley ... PROCEDURES RELATING TO PRE-FIRST APPEARANCE RELEASE. •. A.O. 5.701-5/21* - ...

14. Judge Jonathan Goodman - Southern District of Florida - U.S. Courts

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15. Palm Beach County Judge Kastrenakes makes costly ...

  • Jun 24, 2022 · Siperstein, a senior assistant attorney general, in 2020 unsuccessfully attempted to unseat Circuit Judge Jaimie Goodman. St. Juste, a West ...

  • Those close to Judge John Kastrenakes say the potential for runoff in a 3-way race was among reasons for his abrupt decision to drop his re-election bid.

16. [PDF] b1daily business review - PUBLIC NOTICES & THE COURTS

  • Dec 19, 2023 · Judge Jaimie Goodman. 9B. Maria Vasil Collins. 355-1523. AE. 9.1215. Judge ... PROCEDURES RELATING TO PRE-FIRST APPEARANCE RELEASE. •. A.O. 5.701- ...


  • The Judge overseeing this case is GOODMAN , JAIMIE. The case status is ... PROCEDURES COMMENCING JUNE 19 2023 - AUGUST 11 2023 E CALENDER CALL IS DUE ON JUNE ...

  • On 04/01/2022 GOODMAN, MARC B filed an Other court case against ENCORE AT BOCA RATON REHABILITATION AND NURSING CENTER LLC in Palm Beach County 15th Judicial Circuit Courts. Court records for this case are available from Main Branch.

18. Ballotpedia:Index of Contents (Current local court judges outside ...

  • Jaimie Goodman · Michael Ian Rothschild · David E. Finger · Beth Bagley · George ... Redistricting procedures by state · Redistricting by state after the 2010 ...

  • Ballotpedia: The Encyclopedia of American Politics

Judge Jaimie Goodman Procedures (2024)


What is the 15th judicial circuit in South Carolina? ›

The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit includes Horry and Georgetown Counties and our mission at the Fifteenth Circuit Solicitor's Office is to preserve the rights of the citizens of these counties while prosecuting those who violate the law.

What is the 15th judicial circuit in Florida? ›

It is a trial court of general jurisdiction presiding over Palm Beach County.

How long do judges serve in South Carolina? ›

South Carolina Supreme Court
Supreme Court of South Carolina
Appeals fromSouth Carolina Court of Appeals South Carolina Circuit Court
Judge term lengthTen years, staggered
Number of positions5
WebsiteOfficial website
14 more rows

How many jurors in a civil case in South Carolina? ›

Types and Terms of Service

Petit Jurors are summoned to serve on civil and criminal jury trials held in the District Court. A civil jury consists of six to twelve members. Criminal trials require twelve jurors with a minimum of one alternate.

How many judicial circuits are there in SC? ›

The Circuit Courts, South Carolina's trial courts, are located in every county in the state. The State is divided into sixteen judicial circuits serving six year terms. Each circuit has at least one resident circuit judge who maintains an office in the judge's home county within the circuit.

What Judicial Circuit is Charleston SC in? ›

Charleston County is a county in South Carolina that belongs to the 9th Judicial Circuit. The United States District Court for the District of South Carolina has jurisdiction in Charleston County.

Where does the list of potential jurors come from in South Carolina? ›

The jury commission prepares the jury list from lists of qualified voters and persons holding a valid S.C. Driver's license or a State issued identification card.

What Judicial Circuit is Orangeburg SC in? ›

The Clerk of Court's Office provides administrative support for the 1st Judicial Circuit Court and Family Court. The Clerk of Court is elected Countywide and serves a four-year term.

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